My name is Erin. I am nineteen years old, and I am a tool. ISFP.

Gravity Falls, Laika, FusionFall, Buffy, KH, HTTYD.

Still ships GILLARUDD.

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following me on tumblr is like having a bonus features disc
you get to see what i look like when i don’t wear makeup
or pants

following me on tumblr is like having a bonus features disc

you get to see what i look like when i don’t wear makeup

or pants

  we live in a world where entitled pseudo-intellectuals can bitch about a painting for twenty minutes during a lecture

  I was realy overwhelmed when I checked my Tumblr this evening by the sheer amount of people who had sent me supportive messages, despite me not having asked for them, in response to my whinging post from earlier.

  It’s really reassuring that some people will still go out of their way to make a stranger feel less alone and worthless. I honestly can’t thank you all enough.

  If you sent me a message, you can also send me an address (not in a creepy way) and I will post you a handmade ‘Thank You’ card. Seriously. Your sentiment means that much to me.

thanks for inviting yourself into my room while i was eating lunch, dickwad

thanks for inviting yourself into my room while i was eating lunch, dickwad

  Despite today being fucking awful in terms of work, the super cute employee at the store over from mine came in and gave me her number after her shift.
Like, I didn’t even know she was flirting with me until whoa, girl number.

  This never happens. Ever. Ever ever ever ever. Except to pretty and popular people.

  But like. I don’t want to text this number. 

My dreams are too realistic for their own good
My friend’s dreamsona, for example, told me via Facebook chat that she liked me
(which rocks because wow I totally like her too)
And dream!Me just stared at the message before saying to herself,
“Poems. I shall write poems about this.”

And if it wasn’t for the fact that the 6am Lobster Boiler woke me up again I might have believed it was real

  I often like to pretend I’m Kate Winslet in Titanic except when Jack draws me, he draws me with this fab mustache and I’m just being swarmed by kittens

  dear dolly doctor,
will i ever have enough adamantite ore to finish my daily runescape task??? i am a 19-year-old female who is literally so done with the time it takes to mine.

girl with the dragon pickaxe

But in other news

  how the heckfire do you tell a person you like them
do you just keep offering them things until you’ve got nothing left to offer them but your dignity
  or am i doing it wrong

  serial dyer problems:hair looks like candy cloudsfeels like a wad of tumbleweed

  serial dyer problems:
hair looks like candy clouds
feels like a wad of tumbleweed

  I’m a sticky bandiad who doesn’t check her tags enough, because this beautiful babe tagged me in a taggy-game-thing.

  rules: 6 random facts about self

1. I refer to meat that I eat by the name of the animal, and not necessarily by the proper name of the meat (i.e. ‘veal’ becomes ‘baby cow’ and ‘venison’ becomes ‘bambi’). 
2. I have cinematic dreams with coherent plots, full orchestral scores and quite pleasant cinematography, but I assumed they’re all student films because they’re weird as fuck and often have dinosaur cameos.
3. Speaking of dinosaurs, this is my favorite video on the internet. I legitimately drop to the floor every time I see it.
4. My gore hand still looks like my finger is covered in strawberry jam.
5. I have resting bitchface.
6. Sometimes, when I hold furry animals, I cry a bit.

  tag some other people to do this or w/e
najaheya, pancakejake, otherbuttons, narwhal-noir, goldenteamug, misspatisserie, literally anyone else who wants to because i’d like to make more friends so if you see this, do it, and link me so i can read it and make you my friend

  I want to throw a soup-making party, where everyone brings a soup pot and some ingredients and all we do, all night, is make different kinds of soup and watch movies that go well with soup

  Pyjamas mandatory