My name is Erin. I am nineteen years old, and I am a tool.

Gravity Falls, Laika, FusionFall, Buffy, KH, HTTYD.

Still ships GILLARUDD.

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and then there’s me

a year in selfies:

highlights from my 2013 camera roll

  i mean, i get free “churros for two” on my birthday this sunday, but we all know that means “free churros for erin and that enormous free chatime she gets”

the amount of caring i don’t do during these lectures is immense.

what i really want is novelty porn based on ‘the dark crystal’.
    there are so many opportunities to exploit it
           when they’re derobing chamberlain
               and the throne machine that drains the white fluids 
do NOt even tell me that jen and kira werent having a fucking thing that entire fucking movie

  thanks for calling me a slut. no, really. thanks for acknowledging that i am a grown-ass woman who freely and frequently enjoys sex.

  what else you got? my hair looks extra shiny today?

furiously watches all episodes of the tribe

but the real question is

do i put that dum song firlflies with cat and dog instead of person on the work playlist

  bruno gunn has now been favoriting my selfies for over a year

how does one live in australia and not be extremely tan i thought that’s how it worked

excuse me please check the weather forecast for my state

tans are so ugly tho jfc

  this is NOT a good mood erin