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Fear [Marvel/Foxface]

Here you go! A little Marvel/Foxface in your face. I didn’t make it fluffy, because no.

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Character meme: Foxface

How I FEEEEEL about this character  

I’m quite partial to Foxface, though I’ve never had a tremendous response to her. I find her necessary, but I don’t pay a great deal of attention to her. This is largely because she barely has a personality - the only glimmer of one we witness in the books is when she laughs in the wake of Katniss obliterating the Careers’ supplies. Other than that, we only know she’s devious, dexterous and conniving.
That being said, I quite like the way Foxface is portrayed during her interview with Caesar Flickerman in regards to the early draft of The Hunger Games film script. During her interview, Caesar relays her name but asks why people call her Foxface, and she replies that she is “cunning” - then she displays the wristwatch she had swiped from Flickerman on national television with a smile. I find this to be sterling and very telling of her personality. She’s barely seen throughout the rest of the film, except for in the parts indicated by the book, but that one tiny little moment was quite fantastic. I hope it was left in the final draft.
Also - unless they changed it, her name is Marissa. 

All the people I ship romantically with this character  

I don’t see anyone shipped with Foxface, to be honest. Too little is known about her personality to warrant finding a suitable match for her. 

My unpopular opinion about this character  

She’s not that big of a deal. I know Foxface has some diehard fans, but I think that’s only because people fill in their own blanks as to what she’s like. But I generally like to stick to canon, and I base everything that I write, including my ships, on canon - this includes Clato. But since Foxface is never explored is a character, I tend to overlook her.

My non-romantic OTP for this character 

Given that she’s so solitary and operates as such, Foxface’s OTP is Foxface.

Want to see me fill this out for even more characters from even more fandoms? Drop a name in my askbox and I’ll complete the character meme based on them!

My thoughts on the early draft of The Hunger Games film script.

  • Several important scenes which add to character development of Peeta and Katniss are cut - this is shameful.
  • Not enough time was spent on developing relationships and connections with Katniss’s peers other than Peeta
  • There’s definitely not enough Career action - where is my Clove? Where?! And for that matter, where is Cato’s compassion for her? Omitted. 
  • Gale’s sub-plot is faggotry. Pure, unadulterated faggotry.
  • Seneca Crane is also a faggot. I really do not care about his operations as a Gamemaker. I care about the Games.
  • Most of the dialogue is very, very forced.

On the other hand:

  • Great attention is paid to the development of Haymitch, and his relationship with others - Effie in particular. It shows a whole new side to him, which is welcome.
  • Some of the dialogue between Katniss and Peeta is winning.
  • Giving a little more character to the supporting Tributes is lovely, in particular Foxface (who was given a name and personality).
  • The set descriptions are wonderful. There is a clear and precise vision inherent.

In short, give me more District 2, better character development, and STOP FUCKING WITH THE BOOKS. FUCK.

Thankfully this was only an early draft.